Ambrotechs is combining sensing , IoT and Deep learning driven imaging technologies, to propel the shrimp farming industry towards a data revolution and an environmentally sustainable future.
We provide data and insights across the value chain to increase their real time decision making capabilities to provide advisory aimed at reducing disease risk, while promoting good production practices and outcomes.

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Land Mark: Chutney's, Banjara Hills,
Hyderabad - 500034.
Email: info@ambrotechs.com
Mobile: +91-98662 69142
Phone: +91-40-4850-3866

About Us

We are a dedicated team of innovators focused on equipping the billion dollar aquaculture industry with technology solutions aimed at creating a healthy and environmentally sustainable future.

Our mission is to remove the guesswork out of the farming practices and improve detection and management of economically damaging diseases in global aquaculture.

Our Team

Co-founder, Board Chairman and Leader of Technology
Jagan Katuri

Business leader with 8 years C-level executive experience with successful startups.

Co-founder, Lead of Strategy and Growth
Karthik Gudipati

Product leader and manager with 16 years of consulting and product management experience

Co-fonder, Lead, Operations
Raghuram Lakkaraju

Engineer and entrepreneur with experience in building and managing operations.

Alpha Biologicals/Dr. Ravi's Aqua Academy (Advisory)
Dr. Amerneni Ravi Kumar

Shrimp pathologist with years of training and consultancy in shrimp health management and biosecurity


Advisor, Agribusiness Markets & Strategy

Former Commissioner of Fisheries, AP (Advisory)
Ram Shankar Naik, IAS

Oversaw the implementation of several policies for improved aquaculture production and productivity in the state of AP