Ambrotechs is combining sensing , IoT and Deep learning driven imaging technologies, to propel the shrimp farming industry towards a data revolution and an environmentally sustainable future.
We provide data and insights across the value chain to increase their real time decision making capabilities to provide advisory aimed at reducing disease risk, while promoting good production practices and outcomes.

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An affordable and reliable Water Quality Measurement Solution

AQU is an IOT enabled water quality measurement system that allows the farmers and the extension workers to measure the critical water quality parameters at the pond site for a fraction of the current cost.

Aqu and Tinto 800 - AQU

Affordable, Accurate and At- Pond Water Quality Results.


One Device for all your Ponds , One Test for all Critical parameters.

shrimp and fish - AQU

Species Type



water vector - AQU


Fresh Water

Brackish Water

bioflock - AQU

Culture Type




aqu squre - AQU

One Device for all your ponds


Portable device allows you to collect the sample and measure water quality instantly – at the pond, or in the diagnostic lab.


Cloud Storage & Analytics


Get secure and anytime access to your pond data from your mobile phone, tablet or laptop.


Mobile Calibration


Simple and Interactive interface to manage, maintain and calibrate your device with zero labor costs and downtime.




Dedicated field technicians to periodically service, repair and replace device as needed at no additional costs.

Accurate & Reliable
water quality measurement

AQU Mobile Transparence - AQU