Ambrotechs is combining sensing , IoT and Deep learning driven imaging technologies, to propel the shrimp farming industry towards a data revolution and an environmentally sustainable future.
We provide data and insights across the value chain to increase their real time decision making capabilities to provide advisory aimed at reducing disease risk, while promoting good production practices and outcomes.

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A Blockchain enabled SAAS platform for Farm digitization and traceability
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Farm Data Collection Made Easy

Mobile app for real time data capture at farm site for daily feed, water quality, growth and application logs


Capture and share images, videos and lab reports for monitoring and assessment


Receive personalized recommendations based on pond conditions and animal health


Role based access and controls for all your farm employees across farm locations


Secure cloud based access to monitor farm progress from anywhere anytime.

Blubay Screens - BluBay3



Capture, Collaborate and Control

04 Farm Screen - BluBay3

Monitor, control and improve your farm strategies

Web based Farm Operations Dashboard to give a real time view of the environmental factors, health, growth and feed performance.


Create recommendations and changes in protocol based on individual pond performance


Intelligent forecasting and simulation tools to plan your stocking and harvest cycles


Generate reports and visualizations of your farm data for improved decision making and management reporting

Manage farm inventory and production costs

Create a master list of your farm inventory for tracking consumption across ponds and locations


Report and monitor receipts and transfer of inventory across locations


Record daily farm expenses and track your production costs for improved harvesting decisions

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Farming Companies

Remotely monitor your farm performance and pond health


Enable farm managers and staff to report and address issues in real time


Manage your production costs for improved farm profitability


Share farm reports to prove point of origin and use of ethical, sustainable practices

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Input Providers

Make it easy for your field staff and customers to capture and report individual farm data


Generate personalized advice to improve farm outcomes and customer experience.


Monitor and demonstrate your product efficacy across varying farm conditions

Exporters 1 - BluBay3


Monitor and manage your customer farms


Get real time visibility into stock availability for efficient logistics and procurement


Generate traceability reports to share with supply chain partners