Ambrotechs is combining sensing , IoT and Deep learning driven imaging technologies, to propel the shrimp farming industry towards a data revolution and an environmentally sustainable future.
We provide data and insights across the value chain to increase their real time decision making capabilities to provide advisory aimed at reducing disease risk, while promoting good production practices and outcomes.

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One stop digital solution for farmers combining their farming practices with new age digital solutions to improve productivity, efficiency, sustainability and profits.


Obtain a 360 Mobile View of your farm and monitor Farm Performance and Pond Health Remotely. Enable farm managers, Farm Technicians to collaborate with Farm Hands to report and address issues in real time. Manage your production costs and track your vendor payments for improved farm profitability.
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Feed/healthcare providers

Feed providers enable field staff and Farmer customers to capture and report individual farm data to generate personalized advice to improve outcomes. Health Care providers can monitor and demonstrate formulation and treatment efficacy across varying farm conditions backed with verifiable real time videos and data.
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Subject Matter Experts and Consultants can Collaboratively interact Over a Custom Chat application with Farm stakeholders and provide advisory related to animal health, growth and Harvests.
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Exporters and buyers

Exporters and Buyers on the platform can communicate with Farmers for qualitative farm produce data to make buying and price decisions.
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Comprehensive platform for all players in the aquaculture ecosystem that empowers every player for efficient management and tracking of their farms, resources, inventory etc.

A must have tool that amplifies access, visibility and communication between each player in the ecosystem.


Farm management

Pond digitization and farm activities recording made easy.Built to assist farmers in their day-to-day farm management needs.

Material management

Built for farmers, a Comprehensive stock management for your shrimp farm. Record and monitor your stock status and usage. Real-time update based on actual usage on the field.

Leads management

Built for providers that assists in their day to day organizational management needs like field resource and activities tracking, inventory management etc.

Customize for your needs

Smart module cum subscription model for players to pick solutions/services they need for their operations. 


Enables Aqua farmers to communicate and collaborate with a network of Hatcheries, farm technicians, health experts and processors from within the farm management platform.

Market connect

It is a one stop solution to technically connect and simplify exchanges between all the seafood actors – Farmers, Hatcheries, Nurseries,buyers etc.

Flexible to integrate

Seamless integration with our other farm management products. 

Multi user capability

Multiple user and role creation for all players in the ecosystem

Other Advantages

Farm data recording and insights

Record all your bulky shrimp farm data in one place. We help you generate cultivation predictions and actionable insights.

Farm stock & inventory

Robust and extensive stock & inventory management tool for your farm.Record and monitor your stock status and usage. Real-time update based on actual usage on the field.

Fiscal tool for your farm

Record and track all your farm incomes, expenses, debt, and receivables. Understand your farm production and expenditure better.

Run your business from anywhere

Cutting edge cloud computing enables the user to access, track and monitor activities/data at their farm from anywhere.

Capture, Communicate and Collaborate.

Various players in the ecosystem can Collaboratively interact Over a Custom Chat interface.

Track your technicians

Both providers and farmers can track and monitor their respective work-force.

Advertise and connect

All players in the ecosystem can advertise or view products/services to others in the platform.


View/generate various reports pertaining to cultivation, financial, resource utilization etc.